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I am Craig Swinyard. I started UP Switchboard so that Pilots could help each other out.

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by Chelsea on Jul 08, 2017

Looking to connect with Alumni for post-grad service advice

I'm looking to connect with Alumni that have done post grad service to gain insight on their experiences and organizations they have worked with. I'm trying to find potential organizations and groups that would be a good fit for me and my post grad service. 

by Bridget on Jun 28, 2017

Finance Career Advice and Networking

Hello fellow Pilots!  My name is Bridget King and I just graduated from UP with a B.B.A in Finance and a B.B.A in Marketing. I have always had a passion for finance and I hope to pursue a career as a financial analyst. I am currently looking for networking and career advice for the finance industry within the Bay Area.  Any advice or opportunities would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Bridget King

by Edward on Jul 05, 2017

Three Alumni's Board Game on Kickstarter

Edward Kendrick (2008), Kyle Mechling (2008), and Jed Fugle (2011) have combined forces to design and bring to life a board game of intrigue and strategy called Loyalty: Friends and Enemies!  The game is for 3-6 players.  Players form alliances in order to be the only remaining team.   If you enjoy Risk, Game of Thrones, Settlers of Catan, Poker, D&D, or just want to support some fellow UP grads then definitely check out our website, kickstarter, and/or YouTube channel.  Copies are available for pre-order for $40!  Kickstarter: Website: YouTube Channel:

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