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I am Craig Swinyard. I started UP Switchboard so that Pilots could help each other out.

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by Matt on Mar 14, 2017

advice about searching for teaching job

I recently finished a grad program which includes initial licensure for teaching math at the middle or high school level. Is there anyone else out there would could give me some advice about job search for teaching? Thanks. Matt

by Benjamin on Mar 02, 2017

E-Scholars Student Seeking NYC Meetings 3.13-3.17

Hello, My name is Ben Kallen, I am a mechanical engineer and am currently in the entrepreneurial scholars program. I will be in NYC from the 13th-17th and would love to set up as many meetings as possible to discuss my venture that focuses on providing thermally efficient houses for homeless people. I would love to talk with engineers, designers, anthropologists/psychologists, charitable organizations, and anybody else willing to talk! Feel free to reach me at or reply with any suggestions! Thank you!

by Leah on Mar 19, 2017

BA in English Grad seeking Theatre/ career opportunities in Seattle or Portland

Hello, I graduated in 2016 and have been working in Non-profit work in Social Media/ Communications since graduation. I have also been working in theatre on the side and wish to pursue theatre further as a professional career. I am looking for networking/ career opportunities in Seattle or Portland in Theatre or work related to my degree in English. Thank you for your time!

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