The Story of UP Switchboard

Founded on February 24, 2015

University of portland shield

Hello there!


I am Craig Swinyard. I started UP Switchboard so that Pilots could help each other out.

These fantastic people help our Switchboard thrive.


Katie Mitchell Franz

Craig Swinyard


Lillian D'Amico

Anna M.

Anna M. Horlacher

Erin Stephens

We have seen greatness On our Switchboard this week

4 asks
18 offers
We made 42 connections and they were great!
We welcomed 31 new members

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We recorded 2 success stories

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Since the Dawn of UP Switchboard We've had the pleasure of seeing

1,314 Pilots
524 asks and offers
1,753 connections

Helping our community grow has never been easier.

Need assistance? Ask for help. Have a unique skill? Offer it up.

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