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by Ashley on Nov 13, 2017

New grad RN seeking opportunities in Tacoma

I am a May '17 nursing grad and I am looking to transition to Tacoma, WA.  I have my nursing license by endorsement in Washington already, but I am trying to find connections and/or any advice for finding a job in the area.  I am specifically interested in St. Joseph Medical Center or other CHI affiliated hospitals, but am open to hearing of any acute care opportunities someone may know of in the Tacoma/Greater Puget Sound region.  I can be contacted here or on my UP email at Thanks in advance!

by Max on Nov 06, 2017

Pilot Seeks A Summit

Greetings! I'm looking for an experienced climber to guide me up Mt Hood in Spring of 2018. Summiting Hood has been a goal for many years and I'm feeling good about this year. I enjoy grinder hikes in the Gorge including Defiance, Ruckel Ridge and Rock of Ages. I once did the Triple D in just over 9 hours. This past year I started bouldering and sport climbing including easy lead single pitches. I have most of the requisite gear as well. What I need: Climber with knowledge of registration process, windows of timing, route, conditions, avalanche assessment, and keen sense of risk assessment. What I offer: Upbeat attitude, commitment to train appropriately, great campground cooking, most of my own gear and total acceptance of a call to turn around and summit another day if there's a shred of doubt in weather or other factors. 

by Kelsea on Nov 19, 2017

Teachers - I need some advice!

Hi!  I studied marketing at UP but have realized that I might want to go into teaching. I'm interested in teaching business in high school. I've been doing some research about the process of becoming a teacher and could use some advice! There are plenty of different routes I could take, does anyone have any recommedations on the best route? Mastes in Teaching vs getting another bachelors vs certificate programs vs one year intense programs vs any programs I haven't found yet. Anything helps! Thank you!

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