“I posted on the UP Switchboard with an offer of educational services for the upcoming school year. I was able to connect with several wonderful UP families and ultimately chose one with which to work.  Thank you for this resource! Regards, Beverly Annie Barry Go Pilots!”

“We we’re in a pretty dire straits situation needing care for our daughter when Portland schools announced the move to fully online learning. We met our current ”learning guide” here and it’s the perfect fit! She’s the best! Super grateful. ”

Elizabeth Baiocchi-Wagner shared this story on September 16, 2020

Online Ed Guide and general fun person!

“Got four people interested in this offer and got to connect with some really cool UP alum--recent and otherwise! I also appreciate broadening my photo portfolio with new images! ”

Katie Doyle '15 shared this story on August 19, 2020

Free 20 min headshot session

“Student Testimonial:  "As a vocal coach, Taylor has showed me nothing but compassion, understanding, and kindness. She modified our curriculum to match what I needed, she helped me "hear" notes that I couldn't, and she shows me that even when I mess up it's okay. I feel far more confident in my singing now!" - Sydney,     Hard of Hearing Student ”

“I was able to get three informational interviews out of my post. ”

“My initial exposure to military technology development was to forward-develop "Smart Ship" programs and resulted in a successful reduction in not only budget, but also staffing.  More equipment could be autonomously controlled, leading to a reduction in staffing requirements, and ultimately: less people going to war.  I worked on a team of 7 that would be responsible for the timelines, budget, and proper implementation of the latest and greatest iteration of this retrofit. Previous failures of the US Navy's "Smart Ship" technology on Ticonderoga Class Cruisers had led to catastrophic results: https://medium.com/dataseries/when-smart-ships-divide-by-zer0-uss-yorktown-4e53837f75b2 Declassified Ticonderoga Class Cruiser Smart Ship program outlines: https://www.forecastinternational.com/archive/disp_old_pdf.cfm?ARC_ID=1715 https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ship/cg-47.htm General Dynamics Smart Ship contract awarded: https://www.marinelink.com/news/322114 snippet about ship's capabilities post-smart ship upgrade: https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/agency/navy/cg-50.htm

Daniel Allenby '10 shared this story on May 3, 2020

Veteran Engineer Counsel

“I posted this ask amidst the current global pandemic. I was initially having difficulty finding Alumni who were in the space and/or had time to gift to an interview during this hectic time. I was surprised by the UP Switchboard and how many Alumni reached out to help me with my final assignment. I was able to hear from many different Alumni about their lives and experiences, and want to thank each of you for your openness and intention. Glad to be a part of the UP community!”

“looking for an old college buddy.  I've struck out.  But two people responded to my request and offered to help.  I really appreciate the heart felt sentiment of these individuals.  All the best! ”

Jeff Armstrong '78 shared this story on April 12, 2020

searching for James Martin, class of '78

“Ask and you shall receive - Danny sent me the name of a CPA and I will follow up with them.  You never know the connections that may exist here unless you ask.”

Nancy N shared this story on July 24, 2019

CPA with Estate Administration Services

“This is the 4th summer that I've offered this internship and I always post the opportunity on Switchboard. Once again, I had a great pool of candidates who found the opportunity through this post. We interviewed candidates and made an offer to one, but really there were a few who I could have hired. I love helping out the UP community by sharing my insights and experience with current students who are interested in the healthcare IT field. I hope to offer this internship every summer, so feel free to reach out any time! ”

“I'm so happy to report that the UP Switchboard helped us find the great collin haahr . He's been with us for a couple weeks and is already having tremendous impact expanding clean energy and reducing carbon emissions. Thanks UP. We could use a few more like Collin. Shoot me an email if you're interested!”

“A senior graduating in Spring 2019 searched Switchboard for tags related to event planning - she came across this old offer and we are now getting coffee to talk about her interest in events! Great reminder to utilize the previous posts on Switchboard and see what offers are already out there. ”

Anna M Horlacher '12 shared this story on January 16, 2019

Wedding Planning Advice

“Student Alumni Association had an awesome Lunch With Pilots thanks to Amy and Katie! They had lunch with some UP nursing students and shared a ton of great advice! The students were incredibly grateful for their honesty and wisdom about life as a nurse after UP! Thanks Amy and Katie! Go Pilots!”

Madi Wernke '20 shared this story on October 4, 2018

UP Nursing Alumnus Working in PDX Area!

“There was some confusion with a response from a student going into my junk mail, so delay in connecting but OK ”

Susan Rutz shared this story on April 23, 2018

OTM / Supply Chain / International Career Advice

“Good, I have two responses, will be talking with someone this week. Hoping for great results. Thank you.”

Joyce Claridge '83 shared this story on March 4, 2018

Help with business plan

“i graduated from up in 1990 with a psychology degree. i have since earned a doctoratw in psychology. i found my up credentials and coursework to be competitive with other applicants from other sschools, in fact, i was 1 f 10 sapplicants acceptedout of 100+ for the admission class i made application for.i have worked for the federal prison system as well as a coommunity mental health cente.i wouyld love to participate in the panel but i live in mississippi and therefore can not make it. i would, however be willing to answer any questions anyone might have. my email is Drscullyb@gmail.com

brian scully '90 shared this story on February 27, 2018

Seeking Psychology Career Panel Participants

“One graduating senior and one alumni were able to reach out to my offer!”

Tim Terich '94 shared this story on February 27, 2018

Engineering Career Advice

“Thank you, Pilots! Dr. Flann from the biology department reports that he's received overwhelming support from alums responding to this post. What a supportive community we have!”

Anna M Horlacher '12 shared this story on December 19, 2017

UP Healthcare Alumni

“Adam was able to share my post in the UP Seattle Alum Chapter and I got in contact with multiple nurses and was able to secure a job up in the Tacoma area! Thanks everyone for your information and help. ”

Ashley Evans '17 shared this story on December 17, 2017

New grad RN seeking opportunities in Tacoma

“The Alumni Office received word that a couple of young men from Villa stepped up and offered to assist Dr. Hood with her ask. We are grateful for the generous spirit that exists among the UP community! Go Pilots!”

Craig Swinyard '98 shared this story on December 7, 2017

Need help moving a couple of heavy items