“there was some confusion with a response from a student going into my junk mail, so delay in connecting but OK”

“Good, I have two responses, will be talking with someone this week. Hoping for great results. Thank you.”

“i graduated from up in 1990 with a psychology degree. i have since earned a doctoratw in psychology. i found my up credentials and coursework to be competitive with other applicants from other sschools, in fact, i was 1 f 10 sapplicants acceptedout of 100+ for the admission class i made application for.i have worked for the federal prison system as well as a coommunity mental health cente.i wouyld love to participate in the panel but i live in mississippi and therefore can not make it. i would, however be willing to answer any questions anyone might have. my email is Drscullyb@gmail.com

“one graduation senior and one alumni was able to reach out to my offer!”

“Adam was able to share my post in the UP seattle alum chapter and I got in contact with multiple nurses and was able to secure a job up in the Tacoma area! Thanks everyone for your information and help. ”

“I received several great recommendations for wedding photographers as well as some helpful tips on how to pick one. Thank you for the help, Pilots!”

“I received some great UP applicants for the internship position that I posted. I was asked some great questions about the position and application process. I even had someone reach out and ask for general career advice in my field. We are offering the internship to a current student so I would say the posting was a great success. We hope to offer the same internship each summer so current Pilots, feel free to reach out to me any time! ”

“I just had coffee with a wonderful UP student who contacted me after seeing my networking offer. He had awesome questions for me and I'm happy I got to meet with him and hopefully provide some helpful advice as he pursues a business career. Thanks Switchboard!”

“Thanks to everyone who shared an alumni-run Etsy shop, both publicly and via private message! The full list can be viewed at https://www1.up.edu/alumni/pilotperks/cyber-monday-etsy-sites.html. ”

“Not long after posting, I started to receive really supportive and helpful responses.  I'm still meeting people and working through connections.   Thank you all and I look forward to paying it forward!”

“I was struggling finding someone whom I could trust to help my son with homework and provide after school care a few days a week. Finding Phu through Switchboard has been a gift! He knew people I knew on campus, which immediately put me at ease, and my it's been a great fit. My son looks forward to getting his homework done with Phu.”

“This was definitely good research to do. I already favored the MSOTM (its description is my dream job), but wanted neutral verification, which I gained.”

“Recruiter reached out to me for an interview.”

“Received great travel tips for an upcoming trip! ”

“I learned far more about business cards than I anticipated, which will allow me to make an informed decision regarding them (applying for Grad school, once accepted I will make cards with the estimated year of completion listed.”

“got a good response”

“Thanks all-- we found an amazing Elementary Ed major. She showed up with a giant bag of books and craft supplies. My toddler was like, "Mom, can you go away, please? I have to play with my friend."”

“I've had such a fantastic time connecting with UP alumni! I'm scheduled to mock interview my third alum later this week. So far I've been using Skype for mock interviews as the alums have been CA based and it's been working out perfectly. After talking more with the alums, I've been able to refer them to other people in my network for more insight into the company that they're interviewing with. I love expanding the UP network! I can't wait until they land the job... Both in fields that I find super interesting. I can't wait to refer alumni to them!”

“SUCCESS ~ A big thank you the UP switchboard community in helping me raise $14,000 of the proposed $30,000 for Parkinson's research. Almost half-way there!
HEARTFELT SUCCESS ~ Parkinson's connections! Thank you Switchboard Community for the positive feedback! It is truly the personal connections that fuels my passion...
"I'm looking forward to following your research. I'm praying that you have much success in finding that Mucuna is actually helpful for people with Parkinson's."
"Your work is truly inspired. The outcome of the research in India, combined with further work, has the potential to benefit thousands of lives. Parkinson’s, along with other diseases or cancers, seldom impact only the inflicted. In supporting this research project it is important to remind one’s self of the families and loved ones you are also helping. Thank you for what you are doing."”

“I'm still receiving fantastic advice on traveling to German and Austria. Great inside scoop from fellow alumni!”

“We just returned from our trip, and the Emerald Pool trail was perfect for the kids. Thanks!”

“Lauren and I met for coffee to look over her essay for her dental school applications. I had a great time learning more about her path to dental school and I think we did some good work on her essay too!”

“Huge thanks to Kelly, Craig, Michelle, and Ken for offering up so many great ideas for kids activities in Portland! Over a dozen options- wow! ”

“ A current parent reached out to me to find out "How much should be budgeted for personal weekend travel beyond what the students will do with the university" I contacted my daughter and her friends and they came up with $1500-$2000 per semester. Again this is an average and it all depends on how much a student travels. ”